Gas Industry & Gas Networking

  • Feasibility study
  • Design Gas metering stations network
  • Design SCADA and control systems
  • Upgrade and modify existing metering system
  • Satellite communication system and Instrument control
  • Gas vaporization and SNG system
  • Gas network design, operation and maintenance
  • Gas analyzers and gas Chromatography‚Äč

Power Generation

  • Design and install substations
  • Provide up to 100 MW rental power
  • Design and supply electrical materials

Engineering Services

  • Engineering consultations
  • Review feasibility studies and preliminary designs
  • Value engineering
  • Design Gas processing and commissioning

Oil & Gas Materials and Parts supply

  • Chemical supplies 
  • Corrosion inhibitor 
  • Pressure Vessel and Piping 
  • Valves for corrosive services 
  • Pipeline monitoring system (Fiber optics Tech) 
  • Pipeline leak detection system (Acoustic) 
  • Large Diameter pipe (special molds seamless) 
  • Incinerators 
  • Reactors 
  • Catalyst agents 
  • On line analyzers 
  • DLC technology coating 
  • Corrosion Inhibitor 
  • H. Tech Remote Methane Detector laser beam tech 
  • Valves all type 
  • Pumps// Compressor 
  • Oil field equipment and products 
  • Gas Leak Monitors using acoustic technology 
  • Gas leak detectors conventional 
  • Lube oil pumps 
  • Compressors spare parts 
  • SS pipe, special for acidic compounds 
  • RTP Advanced Technology Non corrosive reinforced pipe (thrmo plastic type) use for H2S and SO2 services. 

Inspection Services

  • Plant services on piping, tanks, structural steel
  • Rotating equipment, electrical equipment
  • Quality inspection of industrial products
  • Witness of any required testing
  • Factory QA system audits
  • Manufacturing process audits
  • Pressure vessel and other static vessel design verifications
  • Equipment capabilities verifications
  • Manpower loading assessments
  • Project management/coordination
  • Vendor/office expediting of manufacturing/delivery schedules.
  • Pipeline internal and external inspection
  • Atmospheric storage tank risk based inspection