• Oil and gas projects
  • Power, electricity, and IT projects
  • Engineering projects

Oil and gas projects

Metering Skid, procurement, instillation Commission

Design, Fabrication and Installation of Metering Skids with full logic and flow control system to control Ethane gas left out of Abqaiq Oil wells. Pilot skid with fisher flow boss 407 controller, API 3000 RJ flanges, 2500 PSI operating pressure at Abqaiq oil production facilities.

JGC Project

JGC Awarded Aramco Naug Sstem project and Mada Energy is the sub-contractor, our scop to supply and excecute 4 way joint closure 36 fiber OPGW/OPGW or OPGW/ UG FO cables along with 13.8KV over head line Conductor ACSR/AW with all the routine test & type test to the relevant IEC standards.

Design of the Residential and Commercial Gas Network of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Building the first hydrogen network in Jubail and Yanbu Ind. Area. Mada was the  consultant of Airlaquid Arabia for building the networks inside the RC corridor. Provide presentation support , letter to Ministry, provide local market help, etc. provide assistance to help build the pre-feasibility study for the hydrogen network. Provide full coverage to all drawings, material spec. etc.

Power, electricity, and IT projects

Replacment of SEC Metering project in Ghazlan Power Plant,

Dismantling of old KWH meters, installation of new KWH 735 SEL meters, Modifying current voltage and DC circuit to accommodate the new meters, laying of new communication cables and connecting to PC, programming of KWH meters, testing communication with PC, also testing and commissioning all meters along with SEC personnel. Trained personnel and updated all affected electrical drawing using micro -station software.

HD Laptop for surveys Memory Upgrades

Provide special lap tops and sofrwares for the line computers specialized for use in the high-precision GPS positioning system, accurate calculation of the area of handheld and intelligent systems,...Measurement & Analysis Instruments. Also upgrade the cards and maintenance.

Installation of Hardware/Software Datem Products

Installation of complete Datem package for the Ministry of Defenece. Mada provided demo and installation procedure. Along with all material precurments.

Other projects

Albemarle (Catalyst Plant location GCC) Engineering Study

Albemarle USA Provide assistant to Albemarle Catalyst manufactures US company. Provided complete survey and logistics for project investigation and development cost and feasibility providing information and data on local market necessary to evaluate building catalyst plant in Jubal vs. other GCC countries incentive. 8 month project done with our partner Azzouni Cons.

Development of Custody Transfer Measurements

Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Recources (MEIM) in house training courses in measurement and gauging system. Madaenergy is exclusive partner of Quercus Technical Service in KSA and GCC.Training of full crew from MEIM in Holland, full program for 1 month.Quercus Technical Services B.V.